About ETC

Who We Are

The Educational Technology Committee (ETC) is a subcommittee of the Coordinating Committee of Vice-Presidents, Academic (CCVPA), and represents the colleges’ practitioner knowledge-base on matters pertaining to technology enhanced teaching and learning.

While the ETC is formally represented by a member at each college, its strength is found in the broad membership of college educators. It is a network of representatives from each of the Ontario Colleges, focused on 21st century teaching and learning practices, who are directly involved in the practice, support and applied research of technology-enabled learning.

What We Do

Collaboration and sharing is at the core of what we do and how we operate.

The sharing of ideas, best practices, and teaching and learning strategies related to the use of technologies inside and outside of the classroom is a central characteristic of the committee. With two scheduled meetings per year (one virtual), a vibrant, well-attended Advancing Learning Conference, multiple active, online straw polls, an active social media presence and newly launched modern website, the committee facilitates and establishes active communication and collaboration between all 24 colleges.

About Our Logo

This new logo is a metamorphosis of the original ETC logo and is inspired by the simplicity of modern design, fused with imagery of circuits and technology. From an educational perspective, it represents flexible learning, providing multiple possible paths to the centre – the desired outcome. As well, it represents collaboration as all the different parts come together to create the logo. The logo is inclusive, with both an English and French design. Lastly, subtly within the logo, are the letters “E”, “T”, and “C” (English) and “C”, “T”, and “E” (French).